How Grammarly Helped My Business

On top of running a design business and creating crafts, I also write posts for my blog. Whether I'm writing a blog post or updating my social media accounts, I always to try to take the time to proofread my writing for grammatical and spelling errors. Even after personally proofreading my work, sometimes errors slip through the cracks - I sadly admit

Nobody wants to submit below-par work - It doesn't reflect well on your business. Since I have a lot on my plate, I always try to look for websites or apps that can help me run a professional business. That's when I found the writing assistant I didn't know I needed - Grammarly.

The #1 Writing Tool

For those of you who don't know, Grammarly is an app that allows you to input or type your piece of writing, then it automatically checks for errors in:

1. Grammar
2. Spelling
3. Punctuation
4. Word Choice
5. Style

Ever since I added Grammarly into my writing routine, I've noticed that I spend less time proofreading my posts. This allows me to focus more on other business tasks and to create more designs. Grammarly has helped me become a better blogger and writer.  

The #1 Writing Tool

There is a FREE version and a Premium version of Grammarly available.

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