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Running a craft business can be fun and also a lot of work - I know from personal experience. A couple years ago, I started out crafting as a hobby, making custom shirts, mugs, and other creative items for family and friends. Later, that hobby turned into a full-blown side income source. That's when I got serious and had to carefully look at the prices I was paying for craft supplies. I was in total shock at the amount of money I was spending - I try to save money when I can. 

When shopping for supplies, whether it would be for crafts, home or office, I have my go-to stores. The stores that I know for certain have what I'm looking for. But, at that moment I had to take a step back and change up my routine in order to save money - Did I mention that I love to save money? 

The normal craft stores I shopped at were draining my pockets and that's when I remembered seeing craft supplies in a certain store. This store was extremely affordable and not only had craft supplies, but also had home and office supplies, snack foods, and so much more. Can you guess which store I'm talking about?

That's right, Dollar Tree!
It's my go-to craft supply store now.

If you've never been to Dollar Tree before, then you've been missing out because it's like a wonderful world of affordable goodies. They have a variety of items including food, craft and office supplies, school supplies, blank t-shirts, socks, electronic accessories and so much more. Just thinking about the variety of products available at Dollar Tree makes me want to create a new shopping list. 

As you can tell I really love shopping there. But, there are two main reasons why I fell in love with Dollar Tree as my new craft supply store.

#1  No matter what type of craft business you have, you're bound to find something that's useful. 
If you find yourself as that one rare person who can't find anything for their craft business, then you will definitely find office supplies and a bunch of other useful products.

#2  All products are just $1!  
This low price allows me to stock up on craft supplies and office supplies while not breaking the bank.
*Bonus: You can buy your craft supplies in bulk on the website!

Now instead of spending an arm and a leg on supplies for my crafts, I have money left over to place into my savings account - You know how much I love to save money.

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What is your favorite place to buy craft supplies?

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