5 Ways To Spark Your Creativity

Some days you wake up with a brain so full of ideas there are too many to count. Then, there are those days that you find your brain completely void of any trace of ideas - the idea machine has come to a complete halt

As an Artist I can definitely relate to this scenario. It can be hard sometimes to come up with creative ideas to inspire a new product, especially when you have a schedule to follow or a goal to accomplish - talk about the added pressure. That's why I've come up with, "'5 Ways To Spark Your Creativity", as a way to boost your creative spark during those times of drought. 

5 Ways To Spark Your Creativity

1.  Keep an Idea Book
In the midst of an idea drought, keeping an idea book is a great way to spark your inner creativity. You may be asking, "What is an idea book?", well this little gem is like a rainbow on a stormy day. 
Throughout your daily activities you are bound to get snippets of ideas, snapshots of inspirations or find something noteworthy. By writing down those instances, you can go back later and expand on them. This will eventually become something bigger - like a spark for a creative idea. Remember, whether you choose to use a notepad, journal or a notebook, it will definitely come in handy when the idea machine has come to a halt. 

2. Visit a Craft Store
If you're anything like me then you find yourself magically appearing in a craft store at least once a week - how did that happen? Visiting a craft store can release a fountain of ideas that will definitely get that creative spark going. 

Whether you're window shopping or actually there to purchase items, visiting a craft store can be a great motivator. Walking through different departments and seeing all the beautifully designed products can help you brainstorm some amazing ideas.

3. Create a Vision Board
Vision boards remind me of those cut and paste projects teachers used to assign me way back in middle school - you remember. These poster board projects (Vision Boards) are a great way to put little ideas or thoughts together and gain a bigger picture once finished. 

By putting together a collage that may include things like: cut-outs of images from magazines, quotes, goals, and things that take interest to you, you can get some clarity on what you're trying to accomplish. Sitting back and looking at your vision board can help you brainstorm and gain creativity - not to mention it's fun to create.

4. Go Outside - Creativity is everywhere!
Imagine sitting in your office day after day, looking at those same four walls, trying to think of new ideas for your next product. Boring right? Sometimes in order to gain a fresh outlook on things or to restart your creative spark, there needs to be a change of environment. 

Go outside! Taking a nature walk, riding your bike around the neighborhood or even taking a jog can really do wonders. Nature is a great stress reliever and helps free the mind. In order to reignite that creative spark you have to be stress-free. You may be asking, "How is going outside going to help me create ideas?" Being in nature there are always things going on, squirrels running, birds chirping, butterflies flying around. These occurrences can bring you a great amount of creative ideas from color, shape, theme and so much more. This will help you start to brainstorm ideas. 

5. Read a Creative Blog (Dollar Tree's Tips & Ideas Blog)
Have you ever been on a company's website searching for a product and came across their blog? Well, blogs are a great place to help find your creative spark, especially craft supply company blogs like Dollar Tree. By reading a creative blog where they provide craft tips, tutorials with photos, and ideas for new creations, your creative spark is bound to be lit. The best part about reading a creative blog in order to spark your creativity is that most of the time they use their own products to create those crafts - like Dollar Tree does. So, not only will you be inspired, you will also be able to purchase great crafting supplies at a low price. As you can tell, Dollar Tree is my favorite craft supply store. 

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