How It All Started

Way back in 2010, working as a cashier in a retail store I reached my breaking point. I had been in the retail field for over 10 years and had experienced all that the field had to offer; from working as a cashier to training as a retail manager. I knew that I wanted a change; No, I needed a change. One day while standing at my register I began doodling random images and then it hit me, "Maybe you can start a business focused on drawing or art." From childhood I was always a creative person. I loved all things Art. 

The next day, I began searching on Google to see what occupations would allow me to use my artistic abilities. My search produced a few listings that really caught my eye.

Fashion Designer (I have a degree in Fashion.)
Makeup Artist (Not really drawing, but sorta related.)
Graphic Designer 

After reading about each occupation, the field of graphic design, mainly being a graphic artist, really took an interest to me. The funny thing is, is that before my extensive research, I always thought that graphic design and graphic artist were two different occupations.  To my surprise, they're actually very similar (Who knew?) 

Graphic Design (Graphic Designer)
Someone that combines text and images for many purposes and businesses. For example: Magazines, Advertisements, and Books.

Graphic Artist 
Someone that creates images for graphic designers and others to use.

The main reason I chose to pursue becoming a graphic artist is because it would allow me to combine my love of drawing and my need to take a leap into the world of entrepreneurship. I could start off doing some freelance work in order to get my feet wet. All while I built up my own business from scratch. 

That's exactly what I did. I turned in my 2-week notice and started brainstorming business names. Creating a business name is not as easy as one would think. I know I trashed over 20 different names that ranged between too cute to what was I thinking. Finally I landed on the business name as you know today, NRC Design Studio. 

Business Name ✓

Deciding on a business name was just the tip of the iceberg. I had to register my business, file a business name, and many more things to make sure it was official. This was a learning curve for me, but well worth the effort. Once I had crossed those things off the To-Do list, I got the chance to make some amazing business cards; this allowed me to put my drawing skills to use. During this time period Google was extremely helpful and introduced me to Inkscape (A free design program).

Registering Business ✓
Business Cards ✓

Having business cards nudged me in the direction of wanting to create a website of my own. Even though I was doing freelance art work on other websites I wanted to have a website I could call my own. One where I could be the "Boss" and not have to follow rigid rules. That's what being an entrepreneur is all about, right? As you know, there are a bunch of web hosting companies out there and after doing my trusty Google search I luckily came across a great web host called Bluehost. They were just what an new entrepreneur like myself needed to create a great website.  

Website ✓

While creating my website I realized that I forgot one thing: Niche. What was I going to specialize in? Everyone knows that a successful business usually has a niche. The niche I initially decided on kinda just landed in my lap (as people say). A family member's coworker wanted a customized party printable and the rest is history. My niche was creating party printables. As my business began to grow, it expanded into creating clip art, printables, stationary, greeting cards and more.

Niche ✓

And here I am today, a graphic artist with her own business who's doing what she loves for a living.

My message to you:
If I can do it, so can you!
Believe in yourself.

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